s. Endive (voiced by Mindy Kaling): An obese female chef who teaches cooking to Panini with strict discipline. She's also occasionally portrayed as the show's villian. She regularly berates Mung Daal, whom she considers a rival. In the episode "Chowder's Girlfriend", it is revealed she despises boys and boyfriends because her fiancé did not show up on their wedding day. The creator describes her as Martha Stewart with Oompa-Loompa colors. Greenblatt chose to name her after the endive since endive is bitter and Belgian endive is fancy; hence the character is bitter and fancy. Endive's character stayed constant throughout the initial development. The long nose, which changed from a rectangular shape to a triangle shape for the final version, represents how Endive looks down at other characters. Greenblatt said that he felt that her evolution throughout the series was fun to observe, especially when William Reiss wrote plots involving Endive.


  • sometimes shes small somtimes shes big
  • she has a skeltelon in her closet
  • after shnitzel went back to mung somtime she still loves shintzel
  • sometimes she flirts with mung but most of the time she hates him


Endive in her swimsuit
Endive In Her Swimsuit