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Welcome to Chowder Wiki!

This wiki is a fan made wiki to provide information on the TV series "Chowder".


This wiki was abandoned, but is trying to get adopted.

We're still lacking contributors, so your contributions are encouraged!

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To all new users / contributors, please refrain from making new pages for Chowder characters. Yes, we all know, there are hundreds of characters out there in the wiki. But still, we must make progress in this wiki; and that means doing the editing in steps.

Please complete the essential information on the existing pages first. Then you can continue to the next one that has already been created. If we keep creating new but left empty pages, this wiki is just the same as a haunted and abandoned wiki.

The list of existing pages but contains no article can be found here.Edit

The tutorial for this wiki can be found here. (It's still a work in progress and will be completed over time.)Edit

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