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No|Title|Date I Saw the Episode

1|Chowders Girlfriend|05-23-2009

2|The Thrice Cream Man|05-11-2009

3|Gazpacho Fights Back|05-09-2009

4|Hey , Hey , Its Knishmas|03-28-2009 (1st Time on TV2) 12-25-2009 (2nd Time on Popcorn Fridays)

5|The Blackout|06-13-2009

6|Mung on the Rocks|07-13-2009

7|The Sleep Eater|11-11-2009

8|The Fire Breather|11-18-2009

9|The Meach Harvest|11-19-2009

10|The B.L.T's|12-02-2009


12|Chowder Grows Up (Series Final)|10-06-2010